Program Options

If you are ages 16-24, there are many options available to help you get your high school diploma or GED, and also connect you to educational and career pathways to jumpstart your career.

RiseUp Community School

If you are ages 16-21, and don’t yet have your high school diploma or GED, you have a unique opportunity to be a founding member of the starting class of a new charter high school in Denver called RiseUp Community School. RiseUp will open its doors for the first time August 10th, and you could be one of the first 150 students to open the school. The small school atmosphere means that you will have an opportunity to get the help you need from the dedicated teachers to finish your high school diploma. The flexible schedule of a regular early morning or later morning session allows you to tailor your school time to your life. The school is set up with a new start to classes every 6 weeks, so you will be able to concentrate fully on just 2 core academic classes at a time, instead of 6 or 7 in a more traditional school. Finally, the focus on hands-on project learning, leadership and social justice will involve you in learning that is relevant to your life and helping you find your individual voice in making a difference in your community. The school is free and is enrolling students right now.

Colorado Construction Institute (CCI)

If you are ages 16-24, and don’t yet have your high school diploma or GED, CCI is a unique opportunity to learn construction skills, while you are earning your high school diploma or GED. For half of the day, you will be learning hands-on construction skills around safety, tools and building in a construction lab environment and the other half of the day you will be in a classroom working toward your diploma or GED. This is a 9-month long program, and will train you to work in the construction industry either in the field or in the office. CCI has close connections to employers and jobs, so most graduates are placed immediately into construction jobs at the end of the program. The school is free and is enrolling students right now.

21-24 Program

If you are ages 21-24, and need some assistance figuring out what your next step is with your education and career pathway, you can enroll in the 21-24 program to work with a counselor who will help you navigate your way. Our Navigator will get to know you to see what you’ve done so far and where you want to go. We will look at your interests and abilities, and help you explore different career options to get you on the fast track toward a rewarding career. Possible career pathways might involve IT and technology, healthcare, advanced manufacturing, construction or aerospace. Once you identify career areas to explore, we will help you look at schools to help you earn the certificates and degrees for you to become qualified to work in those types of jobs. The program will also assist you with setting up your LinkedIn profile, creating a resume, participating in practice interviewing, and linking to internships. The program is free and is enrolling students right now.

Types of School Options

Intensive Pathway Schools are for students who are looking for a different experience than their home high school. These schools are usually smaller in size, have fewer students, and provide more personalized attention and support.

Career-Technical Schools provide hands-on training to teach concrete work skills to help students earn career certificates to get jobs. Programs include construction trades, audio engineering, sports medicine, fashion careers, graphic design and medical careers.

Traditional High Schools include your home high school, and are usually large in size with greater numbers of students. They usually have a variety of classes, along with more clubs and activities, and competitive sports teams.

Online High Schools are designed for students who are independent and can thrive doing their education mostly on a computer with less support. Students earn high school credit by successfully completing school subject sections on the computer, and then passing a test at the end.

GED Prep Programs are for students who have fallen behind in earning high school credit or aged out of the school system at 21, but still want to get a high school equivalency certificate. Students earn their certificate by passing a series of five subject tests.